Trading Photos – { Sherman Oaks Infant Photographer }

One day, we were doing stroller strides in Van Nuys park, power walking, and I spied the cutest little door to someone’s backyard, and immediately thought, this is a great photo op.  I pointed it out to my photographer friend and we vowed to come back and shoot there soon.  So the next week,  we took our kids out in the height of the midday sun, found a nice patch of shade and photographed each other’s kids.  They came out nicely, but I learned at a subsequent shoot that this is a morning or daytime shooting location only.  By sunset, it’s super golden, but there are way too many shadows and direct harsh light. Here are my shots of her son.  – She dressed him very cutely in overalls with nothing underneath – one of those things that you wouldn’t do in real life, but looks fabulous in photos.