Tiny Brothers { Santa Clarita Child Photographer }

Last weekend I had the chance to photograph two young brothers who I’ve photographed once before.  The first time was Halloween, last week was for Easter. This time, a year older, they were hilarious. The older brother just turned 5 and the “baby” as we call him is almost 3.  And the personalities that have arisen are hilarious.  What used to be a timid, introverted baby, is now the family crack up.  Although he still thinks his older brother is the funniest person on earth, he loves to get it on the act.  The funny faces he made were so great that I had to include them here in the outtakes.

And since moms have to play photographer, they rarely show up anywhere in the actual photos. So I made their mom, Amanda, get in the photos, especially since she was all prettied up in her green dress.