Jimenez Family Xmas in July { Malibu Family Photographer }

I like to include outtakes in my blog.  Often, the pictures that touch me most, is the goofy, off-the-wall or just private moment captured on film.  If you’d like to see some of the best official photos from this session, you can at this link, but a lot of the ones I’m showing really capture the essence of this family, on this particular day.

This lovely family wanted to do a beach family photography session.  Not only was it a lovely, overcast day, but the beach was fairly empty. Malibu is a gorgeous beach community and a great place to hang out.  We encountered a couple of surfers and a few locals walking their dogs on the beach. The youngest boy was 5 and he wasn’t terribly interested in having his photos taken.  He was, however, interested in having a good time, so it worked out.  I photograph him having a good time, everybody’s happy. They also love candid, real life shots, so I got several good ones of the kids just being themselves and the boys playing.

These were taken shortly before the Fourth of July.  You don’t need an excuse to take photos, but if you did, there goes: a holiday. LOL.  So we did some patriotic themed stuff.