Family Christmas Card Photoshoot ( Westlake Family Photographer }

This is one of my favorite families and I think our 3rd or 4th photoshoot together. This time, they were back for a family portrait for their Xmas cards. Little baby D. is now a toddler and we had to catch him running, but managed to get lots of good shots. There are some particularly precious ones of him and his mom here in my portfolio. Here in front of Westlake Lake.  Here are some outtakes of the whole family, trying to get him in the mood to cooperate.

I like including outtakes.  In addition to giving people a better idea of the behind the scenes, in terms of what it takes to get a baby to participate, it’s much more documentary. Now we’re cooking, here are some of the better shots with him all settled down:

And the final Xmas card photo: