Autumn Leaves – Lifestyle Photography

This is a personal post, which I’ve sequestered off into a personal blog section. I dislike when photographers mix up their personal pictures and client work. Firstly, it makes it harder for potential clients to see what your paid work looks like and secondly, although I think my kids are the cutest in the world, everyone doesn’t want to see the bazillion photos I take of them…unless they do. And they can mozy over here.

All that said, I think I may link this back to the professional page because it highlights something that I love to do and that’s gotten lots of positive feedback: lifestyle photography. Sure it’s great to see your kid clean, gussied up, everyone smiling. But what about capturing those casual, real life moments of joy, in a way that’s higher quality and more nostalgic than a point and shoot snapshot. This is a great example of lifestyle photography – a day in the life.

As a matter of fact, while writing this, I’ve decided to create a package specifically for this, called – you guessed it – A Day in the Life.

Here’s a day in the life of my then 1 and 3 year olds. There’s this notion, I think perpetuated by those who need an excuse to pity us Angelenos rather than envy us, that we don’t have seasons. Well, not only do we have seasons (we have a full 3: summer, fall and spring), but we also have fall foliage. Yes, ladies and gents. If you are fortunate enough to live on a block (yep, block by block) that has deciduous trees, you get leaves that turn golden yellow and orange and fall to the grown. Then your mow-and-blow lawn team comes and whisk them away as if they never happened.

I took advantage -it was 3 days until the lawn guys were coming. A native Angeleno friend pseudo chastised me, asking why I don’t call them gardeners, and I told her, it’s really not that posh. Back in the midwest, gardeners were something estates had. Guys with a weed whacker and a leaf blower don’t really need that title.)
Anyway, I knew they weren’t going to be around and I discovered that I don’t own a rake! Went to a super sweet neighbor’s house and borrowed hers. Ran home, rakes all the leaves from my lawn, the sidewalk and all the neighbors’ sidewalks into a big pile and called my kids outside with the camera. They’d never experienced this and loved it. Here are some of the shots: