Anatomy of a Photoshop composite edit

“Get it in camera!” That’s the mantra of any experienced photographer.  You can fix it later in Photoshop, usually, but it takes so much more time than just getting it right the first time.  However, with the unpredictable, moving creatures known as toddlers, sometimes you get what you get. So I don’t let a great capture go to waste just because one detail wasn’t right.

I thought you might find this interesting:

  1. Cute pic, even with the somber face, but there is a driveway in the background.
  2. Some cloned in grass at the top
  3. More cloned in grass
  4. Edges around the hat
  5. Left side of hat is unnaturally shaven
  6. Finito!

To see more of her finished shots, click HERE.

 Baby A Retouch progression collage

Finished product: