More Shelter Dogs

Here are the other two dogs I photographed recently.  The dog from an earlier post was already rescued from the pound. This dog, named Candy, is a Berger Picard,  a sort of rare French sheep-herding breed.  She was quite spry and had a lot of bounce in her. She was initially only interested in running around the yard, but by the end, she was very affectionate and interactive with us.  Her information is easy to find by clicking her name Candy, but her official West Valley Shelter id info is (A0860696).

This dog here, Minnie, held a special place in my heart because she shares the name of my recently deceased Yorkie. When we were looking for dogs to take photos of, we picked friendly dogs who’ve been in the pound longer than some of the new recruits, thus need to be adopted sooner.  So when I looked at her information card and saw “Minnie”, I told my compatriot that she (Minnie) was my pick. This American Staffordshire Terrier’s id at the West Valley Shelter is (A1419749). She was a really pretty dog.  And had lots of energy and was quiet sweet and tame. Not intro treats much, though. LOL.