More Mac software bundles – Parallels Desktop plus 9 apps

13 days left!


If you were considering buying Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, it costs $59.99 alone (from B&H Photo).  If you have a previous older version of Parallels, the upgrade is $49.99 alone, so this bundle is a no brainer for you.

Included are 10 apps, my favorites of which are:

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac – run Windows on your mac
  • Winzip for MAC – advanced file compression archiver
  • LEAP – a file organizer/viewer/search tool
  • SnagIt – this is also worth the price of admission.  One of the best screen video capture programs, allowing you to make tutorial videos, recording your onscreen action and mouse movements to various movie formats to be shared or streamed online.
  • Typinator – predictive text shortcut typer – much like how your cell phone can predict what you’re likely typing

I almost exclusively buy Mac software only in bundles, and have been waiting for a Parallel bundle for the last 4 months.  Unlike some of the other software theat seems to be perpetually in some bundle (Leap and Yep  are currently in 2 bundles simultaneously, yet never DEEP (can find photos by color – great for graphic designers and photographers) by the same company.  I’ve been waiting on that one forever and have yet to see it offered.), Parallels and Snag It don’t normally go for discounts often.  So if you’re interested, go grab a copy.