Miracle Baby, Preemie 18 years later

This is a boy I am extremely proud of. I find his story to be so inspirational for all those people whose pregnancies ended in terrifying premature births.  There’s also so much fear and concern that your baby will never recover from having been born earlier than planned.  Well, I can’t vouch for everyone’s experiences.  My sons were barely premature at 37 and 37 1/2 weeks and they are great.  But this young man was born at 22 1/2 weeks!  Yes, you heard it, twenty-two and a half weeks.  Babies generally aren’t considered viable until 24 weeks.  But this little fighter from Pasadena didn’t just survive, he thrived.  And now, 18 years later, he’s been accepted into Harvard University and graduated as class Valedictorian. Super smart, multi-talented and amazingly well adjusted in general, he’s a walking talking miracle. So parents of preemies, know that it can all work out. Here’s one splendid example.