9 Day old Baby Girl D. { Valley Glen Newborn Photographer }

Here are some more finished shots of the baby I photographed on Memorial Day. She has so much personality already.  She’s super strong – was trying to roll over onto her back already at 9 days!  She was not loving being on her belly, but it’s the best way to get all the squishy face shots with gravity helping.  When babies fall asleep, their faces just go limp in a way that adults don’t.  They let it ALL go!  So on their backs, you sometimes get a more distorted view of their face. She finally succumbed to the sleepies and went back down.  Early on, she’d open one eye and give us a look of disapproval, but I don’t remember her ever crying a peep.

I have a boy owl hat, but hadn’t yet gotten one for a girl.  Everyone had been having boy babies.  I’d been holding on to this rosette fabric for a year and half, waiting for a newborn girl to come along.  Was considering selling it on a photographer swap page.  I’m super glad I didn’t.  I love it and it came out so perfect with her hat too.

Here she is: