9 Day Old Newborn Girl

Parents ask me what they should put on their newborn.  I usually reply nothing. (See my newborn what-to-wear FAQ here.)  Newborns usually get swallowed up in a bunch of clothing. They are so cute on their own that they need little adornment other than a hat or some accessory.  It’s better to be able to remember the baby fat rolls on their thighs, or the flaky skin on a foot, or a temporary birthmark on their little behind, than the outfit that Aunt Rosemary bought you.  You can take a snapshot of that and send it to her.  So I advise that you show it all, or at least most of it.  it’s pretty much the only time in your life where it’s totally acceptable to be nude, so why not?

This little week and a half-old newborn wasn’t a preemie, so she was nice and plumped out.  She wore a cute diaper cover and an owl hat in her other shoot, but we did a wardrobe/scene change and took some natural photos of her near a window, lying on some velvety material on her mommy’s lap, wearing nothing but her birthday suit.  She looks quite content, too.

Alternate view