Headshot Reproductions

Now that you’ve gone through the effort of getting professional headshots taken, don’t lose the race in the last lap!  Please pick a professional reproduction lab for your headshots.  It only takes a drugstore an hour to ruin a photographer’s work, and perhaps your chance at booking a job.

In Los Angeles, here are the names of a few places that I’ve gotten good feedback about.  One of my first jobs in Los Angeles was at a headshot reproduction lab in Valley Village (since defunct) and I learned a lot there.   I was surprised to see famous actors walking in the same as you or me, to pick up their headshots.  I was horrified to see some of those same actors using the same headshots from 15 years ago, when they had a head full of hair and looked very different from how they look today.  But hey, it must’ve been working for them. LOL.  I also learned that all headshot photo labs are not equal, so proceed with awareness.

Argentum – Hollywood

Reproductions Photo Lab – Hollywood

Isgo Lepejian (also known as A&I) – Burbank