WordPress Subscription Sites Part 2: WPMU

Related to an earlier article I wrote about a WordPress theme subscription/membership site, I found more information that might be useful for you budding WordPress administators.

I saw a plugin developer that seemed to have a ton of good plugins: WPMU.  But it used the same type of subscription scheme as Elegant Themes.  So I was hesitant. After seeing perhaps the 3rd plugin I wanted from them, I was considering pushing the button, until I read this: http://www.seochemist.com/SEO/wpmu-dev-scam/

What this article describes is exactly the type of bait and switch thing I’ve come to expect of any subscription based wordpress theme or plugin company.  The whole concept of having something that you bought, but the support is sold separately is ridiculous.  It is for that reason T-mobile is getting nailed by certain states for false advertising, saying that they don’t have contracts, yet it is a defacto contract if you have to pay a cancellation fee if you don’t buy the phone outright.  No different than having a contract.

So to sell a plugin or theme, as if  any wordpress item  could ever exist without constant support and updates, is disingenuous. The prevalence of hacker attacks and the fluid nature of progress in WordPress means that things will need to be updated often.  So one month of plugin support from WPMU is sort of a joke.  Just something else to consider for those newbies who might be tempted, without the benefit of experience.

And upon a second search for reviews on WPMU, I found this as well: http://www.kidnapcustomers.com/how-to-make-a-website/wordpress/wpmu-dev-review/