Z’s Boudoir

Yes, she’s young and has a flat stomach.  Don’t hate.  Most of us did, but we didn’t think to photograph it before we had kids.  I encourage younger ladies to take boudoir photography of themselves – not anything that’d get you kicked out of the Miss America Pageant, but something that encapsulates that moment in time. Life is constantly changing, and it’s a lot easier to let go of the past when your mind feels it has to hold on to something that won’t exist without you obsessing on it.  As in, “if I don’t constantly lament that I used to have a flat stomach, it’s as if it never happened.” LOL.  Take a picture.  Forget about it. Move on.  And later, every now and then, you’ll happen across that boudoir book you made and look at it with nostalgia.  You’ll smile, put it back on the shelf and forget it exists, until the next time you’re moving, or cleaning, or pruning and it’ll give you pleasure again and again – in the most healthy way possible.  Proof of your existence.