What to Wear

what to wear/bring
halter dress/sundress,
Long sundress w/spaghetti straps
tube top and straight skirt
tube top and non-maternity jeans or dark pants
man’s white button-down shirt, colorful tube top

Form fitting tops, not tight, but emphasizes shape without hiding the stomach – Stretchy fabric is good – can cling
long sleeved or sleeveless shirts – spaghetti straps and tanks good, avoid t-shirt sleeves (unless your arms are really great looking )
In terms of colors, teal and rich blues are fine, pinks are iffy and yellow is usually a big no-no.
necklines: v-neck, crisscross necks, scoop necks or collared – avoid crewneck

Try not to wear anything that will leave creases or red marks on your belly/skin and avoid patterns and striped and plaid.  

nice and/or dark jeans, khakis and dark pants
white collared shirt (don’t starch the shirt – looks too formal) a little rumpled and natural is nice
crew neck solid black, navy and white
men can also layer t-shirts under collared shirt
Solid white and dark colors:black, brown, navy, and dark gray pieces. Layers are great; wear the t-shirt under a crew- or v-neck sweater or jacket.
Bring 2 changes of clothing – at least one should be nice-looking play clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, in case we have to let the kids “go native”.