Capturing the Feminine Mystique – { North Hollywood Boudoir Photographer }

Photographs can allow you to reimagine yourself, or better, recognize your own existing beauty and strengths.  Women bustle so quickly through life that they don’t often have a chance to appreciate or explore themselves.  So boudoir photography is an avenue to explore that side of yourself so often reserved for someone else.

Here are some shots from one of my latest boudoir shots.  The woman below, who so kindly allowed me the rights to show her photos on my blog (most clients choose to keep them private, which is more than understandable), is a fabulous, younger woman.  If I had a body and sensuality like hers, I’d share it with the world too.  I’d always thought that women’s sex appeal was some sort of weak crutch.  Watching this woman spark without a man in sight, totally in control of her own body, her own sensuality, her own sex appeal was  amazing. It made me realize how powerful a woman in charge of herself is indeed. There’s not much weak about women in general.

I often suggest to women who are pre-childbearing to take photos of their body before having children.  Although the female form turns into a different something beautiful, it is just that, DIFFERENT.  Pictures are the only way to make a temporary state permanent.   And years later, it’s lovely to remember what you looked like once upon a time, while still honoring the beauty of the phase you’re currently in.